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How true is this.....

We need judges like this not ones that gives a slap on the wrist and pissy sentences

Need to consider NAMING & SHAMING.

On Sunday September 13, 2015 young hoodlums/vandals smashed glass and placed it in the  sand pit at Yorkeys State School.
These mindless idiots just don't think of what damage can be caused or they just don't care which probably fits the bill better.
If one of the young students had started playing in the sand pit you can only picture the damage that could have been caused.
It is believed they are teens as the police have one description of one of the offenders.
Let's hope that they are apprehended and face court and receive the appropriate penalty and not a slap on the wrist.

7 News video at this link:

Boot Camp will be no more

Friday August 21, 2015.

It's interesting to read statements about the Lincoln Springs Boot Camp especially where the CEO Boyd Curran states of a 75% success rate.

But in November 14, 2014 the previous Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie stated the following:

NEARLY half of the young offenders participating in the state government’s controversial Lincoln Springs boot camp program were charged with crimes within three months of getting out.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie revealed 40 per cent of Lincoln Springs participants were charged with a new offence within three months of exiting the program.

Todays report in the Cairns Post states that 63.5 have re-offended.

Not a very good success rate.

The present Queensland Government  has issued instructions for  the boot camp to close.

Read the report in the Cairns Post dated August 21, 2015:

NORTH Queensland’s youth boot camp will close after a report found it was an expensive failure.

 The report, by KPMG, was released yesterday and revealed the cost of the former Newman Government’s boot camp trial had blown out by $16.7 million, more than eight times the expected cost.

 Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said that the boot camp trial had also failed to reduce reoffending.

 "It has shattered the myth on which the trial was based – youth boot camps do not break the cycle of offending," she said.

 "The latest data shows that of the 74 young people in the Sentenced Youth Boot Camp program, 47 – or 63.5 per cent – have reoffended. That’s no different to other forms of detention. There is simply no justification to put more money into programs that are failing to address reoffending."

 But Beyond Billabong chief executive Boyd Curran believes the Palaszczuk Labor Government had its sights set on axing the trial long before the report was published.

 "It is my belief they made this decision seven months ago," said Mr Curran, whose company runs the Lincoln Springs Sentenced Youth Boot Camp near Ingham, which caters for young people from Cairns.

 "I have seen the manipulation of the data ... this is a world-class program and we have seen some really positive results."

 Mr Curran said data provided to him had shown a 50 per cent reduction in the severity of reoffending, if the youths reoffended at all, and a substantial increase in the number of youths engaged with education after completing the program.

 "They (the report) talk about the cost of detention being $990 but the true cost is more like $1600 a day," he said.

 "If we were running at capacity, the cost would be about $700 per child. Now the only alternative is detention centre and they are already at, or close to, capacity."

 Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker said the Government was using the report to justify scrapping the program.

 "The report states the Gold Coast trial site should continue as a pilot for a further period of time, however this advice was ignored," he said.

 The Lincoln Springs contract ends in October and will not be renewed.

Nothing but revenue raising...but the government denies it

Where are the kids?  -  What are the kids doing?

Parents do you know where your children are?

Do you know what they are doing?

Are they at where they said they would be?

It is extremely important that parents know where and what their children are doing as they may be putting themselves in some sort of danger or even being coached into a life of crime.

The Governments some years ago promoted the logo "Where are the children" and "Who is looking after the children"

We have read  in Cairns Post the number of young children who are committing offences from bashing, stealing, throwing stones at cars and even stealing and driving large vehicles then crashing them and thank god no one has been injured or even killed.

It is the responsibility of the parent/s to control their children and children are so precious to us and we only live once.

To find out more about caring for children go to google and run a search for either "where are the kids" or "who is minding the children"

Queensland Police & The Community Working Together

Keeping law and order anywhere can be frustrating, tiresome but rewarding however if staffing levels are not adequate then the system starts to fail and officers became disillusioned, tired and start looking at different avenues of employment.
The Police Officers do a great job but its getting to the stage where they need public support so here is your opportunity to support the boys and girls in blue.
On the menu bar above you can  place your comments in the testimonial page outlining your thoughts about police and crime in Cairns.

All comments can be forwarded to the Premier if you wish - your name and email will not be displayed.


Police are friendly

Teach your children that the police are friendly people and that they can approach them if they feel endangered.


Kids love Police, Ambulance and Fire vehicles so please encourage them to look upon the police as their friends.

       Visitors: This is for your safety  -  Please read.

Cairns is normally a very friendly city however like most other cities we do have crime where some visitors have been attacked and handbags, mobile phones and money have been stolen.


Please read the following to maintain your personal security

Avoid walking or riding alone

Walk in well lit & busy areas

Avoid dark parks, vacant land & alleys

Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings

Know where 24 hour police stations, service stations & stores are

Carry a torch at night & ride with a bike light

Scream if you are in trouble

When using Auto Teller Machines ensure you are not being


Avoid carrying large amounts of money

Keep money in your pocket and not in your handbag

Keep your purse or handbag under your arm & in front of your

body so it cannot be easily snatched

Contact the Police immediately if you have been robbed or assaulted

 Rules to remember:

(1). Beware of groups of young people as they may cause problems.

(2). In night clubs do not accept drinks from someone you don't know.

(3). Do not accept a lift from someone you don't know.

        Don't let the hoons spoil your Family Life



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Guns are dangerous

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How much more - NAME & SHAME

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If you can't do the time..........
 DON'T do the crime

BE WARNED Lock it or lose it


In Memory of Faith Leaso

The smile of an innocent child

Rest In Peace

Your friends at Edge Hill & West Cairns State School will miss you


 If you are intending to assault or rob someone be warned there are eyes watching you in the CBD.

Cameras are located all around the CBD and are manned 24/7 so if you assult or rob anyone you maybe filmed and you will end up in court and perhaps jail.

The most sensible approach is to behave, cut down on the drink and walk away if someone wants to start a fight.

Have you been sexually assulted - here is the help contact line that you need

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Crimestoppers is a community incentive and gives you, the resident to help Police solve crimes.

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Triple 000 Emergency

For all emergency situations call 000.

This number should not be used for non threatening situations.


For non threatening emergencies

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